We're all growing, right?
    Some of us upwards...
    Some of us outwards...
    But all of us, by the experiences we're living day to day.

    It's when you go through things with the potential to really change you that you get faced with the choice of how much influence it's gunna take in your life...

    This past week we've been up at the coast,
    to farewell some friends from Bogotá.
    The time is fast approaching when I'll have to farewell this incredible country too, and it's got me thinking about the significance of what's been happening living day to day here.

    You know in Spanish there's 2 ways of saying what you are: 'Ser' refers to who you are in a permanent state, and 'Estar' is for everything temporary. But both words mean "to be". It's like you're saying the same words with different significance.

    I'm really not sure what's coming next after this South American venture, but I know this place has taught me some good things. Massive lessons. Things that I haven't learnt anywhere else in the world. So now I'm starting to prepare for the next adventure with this curious anticipation; how permanent will those things 'be' as a result?

    ¿Ser o estar? To be or to be?

    I guess that's the question we all face at times like this.
    The question of letting good things change you with significance.
    To experience, then to be.
    And keep on being.
    To make the good permanent and all else temporary.

    May that always be the result.


    1. Such beautiful photos Nate! Looking forward to catching up with you once your back, but at the same time I can imagine how hard it will be for you to leave such a beautiful country and beautiful people inside and out.

    2. Sounds like your Spanish is going well buddy. I'm up next. Off to Spain three months to the day!

      1. btw it's Debbie lol. I realise you don't know my blog name.



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