Last week I was supposed to be
    boarding a plane heading home to
    New Zealand... But I missed it.

    Actually, I didn't even make it to the airport... Or pack my bags.

    As nice as it would have been to leave all this behind and get back home - where everyone speaks my language and the comfort level is a whole lot higher -
    I couldn't make myself do it.

    I'm pretty convinced that everything I'm learning here is leaving me better-off: The people, the experience,
    the things I never wanted to know... There was a time when ignoring the realities of whatever's going on was
    as blissful as changing the channel. And nowadays I find myself giving up flights just to stay and learn more.

    I'm gunna put it out there, we like to know stuff. For sure, I want to know more. I want to learn from experiences.
    I want to make better calls in life based on what I learn rather than on blissful ignorance.
    How about you?

    I guess I'm one of those kids who reckons you can learn and grow from everything.
    I feel like I'm better for being in a place like this and seeing things I'm not used to.
    So I'm gunna hang out here just a little longer.

    If ignorance is bliss then knowing is even better.


    There's a dude upstairs who I'm a whole lot better off for knowing than ignoring too.
    I always find how He leads us to the places we are in for a reason.
    And I guess I'm just trying not to ignore it.
    Cos knowing is better.


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