If you're around my kinda age, maybe when you were younger in the good old days Britney told you about a girl who was lucky...

    It's pretty easy to understand there's others out there who have it good.
    We've grown up watching, listening to and looking up to so many other people in the world who are 'lucky' -
    they've got it all,
    they're doing it all,
    they gots what we wants...

    Dam, if only you could see how lucky you are too!

    Our guide in the Pantanal told me I was lucky - I kinda didn't believe it for a second.
    I guess I'm just used to looking at what I don't have... It's in our culture, feels like it's in our blood.
    But spending time in South America has been a crash course in realising how much I do have, and probably what you have too.

    This shift in focus would turn the world upside down.

    I don't know how to write about it because I feel like we've heard it all before and still never understood what we've got. Food, education, warmth, running water, streets that are safe to walk, roads that are paved... Help is available, travel is a common prospect, hobbies are attainable, family is present, and we have a real opportunity and freedom to chase at a dream if we so desire.

    I'm living in a country, maybe even a continent where the majority couldn't say they have all those things.

    But this same majority teaches me that we can do so much with what we do have. There are people here who are doing more than I am, with less than I have. Maybe cos there's a ton of people here just looking at what they are able to do with whatever they've got.

    Imagine what we'd realise if we thought the same way.

    It's ours for the taking.


    1. so much with so little, so little with so much. Life is not what you have, but what you do with what you have. So blessed to read through your posts Nate, and be encouraged afresh to what the real purpose is. Thank you.

    2. Awesome Kiri!! BLESSED is the word right! Love your thoughts too.

      Was thinking of the whole 'less is more' principle reading your comment too. Always apply it to design and mac stuff but totally gotta apply it to my mindset as well!

    3. Hey Nate,
      Man Im being blessed jus reading about Gods Adventure that your playing a part in... Awesome!!
      .God has given you a gift Nate so make sure you continue to do what you are doing.

      look forward to hearing more and cant wait to have you speak at STRONG..

      Take care


    4. Glenn you legend! That's so great to hear man, He deserves all the credit for sure cos there's no way I could be still going here on my own.

      Oh man, cannot wait to be seeing all you guys again and hitting up STRONG!
      All the best to you guys in Palmy and keep doing all you're doing too mate, here's to living in awesome ways in the love we know.




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