So kids, I think it's about time for a Spanish lesson!

    A phrase that has become pretty familiar to me here is 'poco a poco'. It means 'little by little' and it's how I frequently have to explain my ability to speak Spanish here.

    I still get kicks out of every day living in a city that speaks a different language. Spanish is beautiful too, and the words they use often give more meaning to what's being said.

    But 'poco a poco' is the phrase that hits a whole other meaning for me.

    I'm still that kid from New Zealand who is realising more and more of the reality of what people are facing. That poverty exists not only across the physical dynamic but across emotions and a lack of love stretching through generations. Not just here, everywhere. If we're brave enough to stop and think about it, it can be pretty overwhelming. You can kinda easily get to the point of giving up and not knowing what to do about a need that seems so great.

    I'd just say, "poco a poco". Little by little.

    We know we can do little things. And we can do them with purpose.
    It's a start. It's movement.
    Momentum builds. Poco a poco.

    You know it seems kinda fitting that this city sits next to the mountains. It's like a constant reminder that there's challenges to face, mountains to climb. They probably look different in your situation than mine, but they're still there to be conquered.

    There's a perspective that can conquer the mountains;
    Step by step, moment by moment
    Little by little.

    That's where we go from here.


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