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    There's this guy I know, He's a good sort.
    I'd say he's a gentleman, cos he's super patient, but the best thing of all is that he's always up for a yarn...

    It's times like these when I'm pretty stoked to have someone like that in life. When you're coming to the edge of the unknown...not entirely sure what you've got yourself in for.

    It's just one of those many times when that thought will rush through your head - Can I do this? Is it the 'right' thing to do? Will I come out the other end any better off? That old question of being 'good enough', for whatever it may be.

    This guy I know, He's always sweet with whatever. Wherever I'm at, he'll tell me I can do it, even when my track record would tell me I can't. And it'd seem He's always been right so far...
    I reckon everyone needs someone like that. An encourager. A supporter. Someone who will walk through things with you, and help you with it until you come out the other side. It's like it's not just me anymore, it's like there's always two. He'd be a big reason I'm ready to take on South America. I don't even know what that encompasses. I'm just glad that I'm never really alone.

    Wherever I end, that's where He begins.

    And I've got a feeling I'm gunna see it so good in the days to come. So here's to that.


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